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Houzi real estate

This is setup documentation for Houzi Flutter App.

Houzi a real estate mobile application that connects with Houzez Wordpress theme. Its build with Flutter so it can be deployed to Android and iOS.

Visit website here: https://houzi.booleanbites.com

This documentation consist of following sections.


This section addresses all the tools and other environment configurations you need to do get the development started.

App Setup

This section guides through all the steps related to app setup and customization.

Custom Widgets

We have designed many hooks to provide way of customise styles, designs, designs and provide additional info to the app.

Houzi Config Builder

Houzi Builder is visual config builder. This section talks about designing and generating configuration with Houzi Builder, that can be used in the app.

Try the demo app here:

Houzi real estate Houzi real estate