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If you want to show custom map pin with custom dynamic string like price on MapView instead of default Google Maps Pin, you can enable this using this hook.

Open file at Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart. Look for the getCustomMarkerHook() method.

  CustomMarkerHook getCustomMarkerHook() {
    CustomMarkerHook markerIconHook = (BuildContext context, Article article) {
      /// If you want to set the default Pin Point marker return null
      /// else return the title, background, title-color and an optional text style
      MapMarkerData markerData = MapMarkerData(
          text: article.getCompactPriceForMap(),
          backgroundColor: Colors.red,
          textColor: Colors.white
      return markerData;

    return markerIconHook;

MapMarkerData is a class that takes text, backgroundColor, textColor and textStyle. You can provide the text that you want to show on Map pin. textColor and textStyle are optional. But they’re there for you to provide any customization.

You can return null if you don’t want to use custom map pin.

Map Pins Showing price

Added in version 1.2.0

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