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Important: You are required to install the Houzi Rest Api Plugin on your Houzez wordpress. To install the Plug-in, click on Houzi Rest Api Plugin Link.

If you want to Edit/Update configurations of your app (e.g. the changing the Theme Color etc.), follow these steps:

  1. Press the Upload from File button. A dialogbox will open, Select the configurations.json file of you project.

    configurations.json file path:
    Project_HOME > assets > configurations > configurations.json

    Upload from File button is on the right side of top bar.


    After selecting the file, all the data will be filled in the respective fields.

  2. Click the Wordpress Url field. A dialogbox will open with all the respective filled fields.


    Just click Done so that app verifies Houzi Rest Api Plugin is installation.

  3. Edit/Update the required sections.
  4. Export the configurations and update the configurations.json file of you project.
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