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Mandatory App bundle identifiers are unique identifiers for your apps, they’re globally unique. Most of the time, you can reverse your website domain to create an identifier for your app. For example: com.domain.app_name

Once you’ve decided the unique identifiers, you need to replace existing with your own:


you’ve to change package info in two places. Build.gradle and AndroidManifest.xml

Change applicationId in build.gradle:

Open following file:

Project_HOME > android > app > build.gradle

Look for applicationId and replace the value with your own.

Look for versionCode and replace the value with your own. versionCode is for developers to keep track of builds.

Look for versionName and replace the value with your own. versionName is for the public.

Change package in AndroidManifest.xml:

go to houzi > android > app > src > main >  AndroidManifest.xml

And replace the second attribute in the very first tage package="com.houzi.app" with your own package name.

if you change this package, change the folder structure of the kotlin classes as well, like below

android > app > src > main > kotlin > your > package > name > all_kotlin_files

We suggest renaming the folders manually using Finder or Windows Explorer. Then change the package declaration in kotlin files as well, for example in kotlin files change this line :

package com.houzi.app

To your own package like this:

package your.package.name


For iOS, open Xcode, and click on the project name (Runner) on the top left side and click on General tab, you should see the Bundle Identifier option, change its value with your own.

open: Project_HOME > ios > Runner > General > Bundle Identifier

Bundle Identifier - app’s unique identifier.

Version - app’s public version.

Build - app’s build code for developers to keep track.

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