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If you want to add item in drawer, you need to open following file:

Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart

Look for the getDrawerItems() method. Add the DrawerItem objects into the list. eg:

  static getDrawerItems() {
    DrawerHook drawerHook = (BuildContext context) {
      // make an item of drawer like this
      DrawerItem drawerItem = DrawerItem(
        sectionType: "section_name",    // name of the section
        title: "Your title here",       // title of the section
        checkLogin: false,              // login is required to see this section
        enable: true,                   // hide or show
        insertAt: 5,                    // give position where you want to place
        icon: Icons.real_estate_agent   // give icon to your section
        onTap: () {                     // perform some action on tap 
              builder: (context) => AllAgents(),

      List<dynamic> drawerItemList = [drawerItem]; // add the objects in this list

      return drawerItemList;

    return drawerHook;

The Icons.xxxxx are coded from Google Material icons here: https://fonts.google.com/icons

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