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For uploading apps to AppStore, you need to sign your builds with provisioning profile. A provisioning profile is coupled with a SigningCertificate.

Note: Apple Developer account is required for this step. Make sure to buy one before continuing.

There’re two ways to setup signing for your iOS app, one is doing everything manual, and second is doing automatic signing.

Automatic Signing

In modern Xcode, when you use automatic signing to let Xcode do everything required to sign the app. Here’re the steps:

  1. Make sure you have setup your app identifier and app name before setting up signing.
  2. Login your apple id in Xcode by going to top left Xcode > preferences menu (CMD + ,) and switch to Accounts tab.
  3. Now tick the automatic signing checkbox and select your team in project signing tab of project info Xcode Project > Runner > Signing & Capabilities > Team
  4. Connect a physical device (iPhone) and press Repair.
  5. It should create your app id, signing certificate, provisioning profile, add your device id to your Apple Developer Portal.

For full instructions, read through here: https://help.apple.com/xcode/mac/current/#/dev60b6fbbc7

Manual Signing

The manual signing requires some steps that need to be performed and the process to do so may vary on different MacOS, Xcodes and environment. The essential steps required are listed below:

The manual process is sometimes necessary to enable certain features, so its better to follow online latest guideline to do do this process manually.

Full instructions to manually sign the app can found here: Manually sign an app

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