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Change Theme Colors by Houzi Config

You can use Houzi Config Builder to change Theme Colors and many other options.

Change Theme Colors by config.json

You can change colors from config by replacing *** with your own color code. Open the Project_HOME > assests > configuration > configuration.json file, and look for the following keys:

Note: The FF, 4D, 99 are used for opacity, if you want to change the opacity then modify them otherwise leave it as it is:

 "primary_color": "#FF******",
  "secondary_color": "#FF******",
  "icon_tint_color": "#FF******",
  "bottom_tab_bar_tint_color": "#FF******",
  "slider_tint_color": "#FF******",
  "selected_item_background_color": "#4D******",
  "un_selected_item_background_color": "#1A808080",
  "selected_item_text_color": "#FF******",
  "un_selected_item_text_color": "#8A000000",
  "action_button_background_color": "#FF******",
  "featured_label_background_color": "#99******",

Note: If you didn’t update the version number of config, then you will need to remove the existing app and re-install on device.

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