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If you want to customize the cluster marker on Google Maps, you need to open following file:

Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart

Look for the getCustomizeClusterMarkerIconHook() method. You can modify the cluster icon colors as well as its size. You are provided with the clusterMarkerDataMap. Provide your releted customization against the respective key and return the clusterMarkerDataMap instead of returning null.

After modifications, restart the app and the changes will reflect on Maps.

  ClusterMarkerIconHook getCustomizeClusterMarkerIconHook() {
    ClusterMarkerIconHook customizedClusterMarkerIconHook = () {
      Map<String, dynamic>? clusterMarkerDataMap = {
        "clusterColor": Colors.blue,
        "clusterTextColor": Colors.white,
        "clusterBorderColor": Colors.white,
        "clusterWidth": 80, // int
        "clusterBorderWidth": 10.0, // double

      // return clusterMarkerDataMap;
      return null;

    return customizedClusterMarkerIconHook;

Note: If you want to show the Cluster Marker Icon with default settings, return null.

Added in version 1.3.8

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