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Security is really importan, so we need to make communication between app and website secure. App Secret is a secret key that is used by your app when communicating with Wordpress and Rest Api.

Important This feature requires Houzi Rest Api Plugin version 1.2.0 or greater. You also need to activate your rest api plugin and also unlock it with your purchase code. Otherwise you won’t be able to setup Secret Key and many other configurations.

Setup a secret key on Admin Panel

You can enter any string of 10 to 20 characters lenght. (shouldn’t be too long, though). When saved, Rest Api running on your website would look for app secret when any important communication is done, like add new property, user login, sign up or send email etc.

Setup a secret key on mobile app

How your app will send secret key? The app needs to send this secret key in header hook. Read instruction below:

open following file:

Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart

Look for the getHeaderMap() method. and find key value pair for ‘app-secret’ in a given map. eg:

    Map<String, dynamic> map = {
      "app-secret": "!296@#%234^&*()_-+=", 

Make sure both keys on mobile app and website should be same, and keep them safe.

Allowing grace period for old versions

If you released your apps with older versions of Houzi than 1.2.0. And you want to disable the app secret and nonce checks for sometimes to give old version users sometime to update to newer version, you can disable this security check by check marking the “Disable Nonce security” checkbox on the plugin. It’ll pause the checks and will allow all kind of traffic to pass.

Additionally Disable NONCE can be used to do some quick testing.

Added in version 1.2.0

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