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Important: You are required to install the Houzi Rest Api Plugin on your Houzez wordpress. To install the Plug-in, click on Houzi Rest Api Plugin Link.

Go to the Style section.

If you want to change the Primary Color of the app, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Colored circle or Droper icon of App Primary Color field.


  2. A color picker dialog will open. Choose you desired color, its opacity (optional) and press Done.


  3. If you have a Hex value of the desired color, you can simply put it in App Primary Color field or color picker dialog Hex field.

There are many other colors like App Secondary Color, Icon Tint Color etc. in this section, you can modify these according to your likings.

You can customize the theme colors and also see how they will look on real device, on the Mobile App View, that is provided in the center of screen.

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