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If you want to change the design of any section in Property detail page, you need to open following file:

Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart

Look for the getWidgetHook() method. The sections are provided to you, look for your desired section and pass it the widget that you want to replace. eg:

    else if (hook == 'article_features') {

        return null;
    } else if (hook == 'article_description') {

        return customDescriptionWidget(context, article);
    } else if (hook == 'article_address_info') {

        return null;

// your customDescriptionWidget 
static Widget customDescriptionWidget(BuildContext context, Article article) {
    return Text(
        article.content ?? "",
        maxLines: 5,
        overflow: TextOverflow.ellipsis,
        textAlign: TextAlign.justify,
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