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Change URL by Houzi Config

You can use Houzi Config Builder to Change Website URL and provide many other URLs required for the app.

Change URL by editing config.json

Open the Project_HOME > assests > configuration > configuration.json file, and look for wordpress_url_domain and wordpress_url_scheme. Replace with your own domain and scheme.

"wordpress_url_scheme": "https",
"wordpress_url_domain": "domain.com",
"wordpress_url_path": "",

if your website URL does not contain a subpath then leave wordpress_url_path as it is.

You need to provide following URL to your website pages

"app_terms_url": "https://domain.com/terms.html",
"app_privacy_url": "https://domain.com/privacy.html",
"app_terms_of_use_url": "https://domain.com/terms.html",
"wordpress_url_gdpr_agreement": "https://domain.com/gdpr.html",

/// Your Company Related
"company_url": "https://booleanbites.com",

Important: If you are using non secure domain, add your domain to following files for mobile systems to allow communication to non-secure domain:

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