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If you want to add your own Segmented Control design, you need to open following file:

Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart

Look for the getCustomSegmentedControlHook() method. The necessary items are provided to you.

  1. dataList is the list on which segmented control will build.
  2. selectionIndex is currently selected item index.
  3. onSegmentChosen is the callback to use when a segmented item is chosen. It is better to use provided onSegmentChosen callback as it is handling all the necessary things rather than your own callback.

Return the widget that you want to show. eg:

    CustomSegmentedControlHook customSegmentedControlHook = (context, dataList, selectionIndex, onSegmentChosen) {

      return null; // return null if you want to use default app MaterialSegmentedControl

    return customSegmentedControlHook;
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