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If you want to add a custom widget in drawer, you need to open following file:

Project_HOME > lib > hooks_v2.dart

Look for the getDrawerWidgetsHook() method. You are provided with hookName parameter. In the if_statement() comparison, replace the HOOK_NAME with your specific hookName (which you have already defined in the HouziBuilder Desktop Application.) and replace your Custom widget with WIDGET.

For Example: If you have a custom widget named as custom-widget. Just replace the HOOK_NAME with custom-widget and return your widget as follows:

  DrawerWidgetsHook getDrawerWidgetsHook() {
    DrawerWidgetsHook drawerWidgetsHook = (
        BuildContext context,
        String? hookName) {

        //      This is sample code:
        //      if (hookName == 'HOOK_NAME') {
        //        return WIDGET;
        //      }

        if (hookName == 'custom-widget') {
          return Container(
            height: 100,
            child: Text("I'm custom widget"),


    return drawerWidgetsHook;

Note: You can re-arrange the position of your custom widget & you can re-name your custom widget from the HouziBuilder Desktop App.

Added in version 1.3.5

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